Our facility is located on the campus of Bethany Lutheran Church. We have two classrooms designed to fit the needs of our students. The rooms have calming blue tones on the walls and minimal visual stimuli with few items on the walls and only toys/activities out that pertain to the daily theme. Each room has numerous tables where children are able to stand rather than sit while completing tasks, thus promoting increased attention for children who have difficulty remaining seated for extended periods of time. The classrooms are equipped with air discs, exercise balls, rocking chairs, and boundary chairs so that every child has a seating option that meets his or her needs. 

In addition to the two classrooms, Let It Shine has a sensory room with specialized equipment to provide movement breaks throughout the day as well as allow children to get to a state of regulation in which they are able to learn, interact, and participate. The room is covered with mats, has a large crash pad, multiple exercise balls, bean bags, and swings. Other items such as noise cancelling headphones, weighted vests, weighted lap pads, and sensory bins are available for the child who needs/wants them. 

Not only can children fulfill their need to move in the sensory room, they can also grow and develop on Let It Shine's large playground. Outside, children have multiple opportunities to play and socialize with their peers. The playground is almost completely shaded by large trees allowing for continued play even during the months when the Texas heat seems unbearable. 

I loved that the physical environment is intentional and supports the learning.
— Kyrstie, student parent